No easy_install and pip after re-installing Python 3.4

Missing Some Files in Scripts After Re-installing Python 3.4 

No easy_install and pip after re-installing Python

When I removed Python 3.4 and re-installed it, I came across a problem. I did not find easy_install nor pip. This is because, I suppose, uninstallation of Python 3.4 removes easy_install and pip from C:\Python34\Scripts but re-installing Python 3.4 dose not override C:\Python34\Scripts. Even when you uninstall Python 3.4  by selecting "Uninstall Python" from Start Menu on Windows, the folder C:\Python34 still remains. So dose C:\Python34\Scripts and some other ones in it.

Delete C:\Python34\Scripts seems to work finely.

I dared to delete C:\Python34 directly into "Rycycle bin" and installed Python 3.4 again. C:\Python34\Scripts was created. In that, I found these files.

c:\Python34\Scripts>dir  /b

pyvenv is also installed in C:\Python34\Tools\Scripts



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