Change "Working directory" in Eclipse

Eclipse -> Run -> Run configurations -> Arguments -> Working directory

Then, you will see

Default: ${workspace_loc:YourJavaProject}

 I took time to find it. It is not in "Window -> Preferences". It is not like running "System.setProperty". Eclipse version is 4.5.2. Thank you.


Prot Wine Price vs Score

I wanted to know how wine score is related to its price. I scraped the web page http://wine-searcher.com/, which has many wine's scores and prices. I got data about Bordeaux, France. Here are the python code in ipython notebook:
http://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github/asterisk37n/wine_plots/blob/master/plot_vin_score_8000.ipynb. Scatter plot is below.

It seems that expensive wine almost always satisfy us, but cheap one does not always.

Chainer gogh to change artistic styles

I tried changing a cat photo into different styles with chainer gogh in November, 2016.

画風を変換するアルゴリズム | Preferred Research
Neural Algorythm of Artistic Style: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1508.06576v2.pdf


Where is your Chrome Extension console.log ?

From popup.js, click "inspect element" by right clicking your extension icon.
From background.js, click "background page" the next to "verify the view" in chrome://extensions/